Tech Savvy Seniors

Perfect for the folks looking to learn how to keep up with ever evolving technology. In this two day a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) program you will learn how to use the internet and smart phones to their fullest. 
This program was inspired by mother, age 85, who is a retired Memphis City School’s teacher of 38 years. Approximately 2 years ago, she expressed an interest in learning more about how to use certain forms of technology. Instead of just asking me to text something to someone or giving commands for me to “get online” and do this or do that; she asked, “how do you text, how do you send an email?” I was escatic that she was interested in wanting to try it for herself. Fast forward to this year, 2020, I am excited to announce, she not only has an active facebook page, LinkedIn page, frequently texts, she is now an avid Zoomer with no assistance. She is indeed a true “Savvy Senior” now and it is because of her desire to stay connected which birthed the concept of this program.