Connect the Dots Program

This three week camp is for children who have been affected by ACES. The intended outcomes of the camp are to raise awareness about ACES and to enlighten the community about our responsibility to become a trauma informed, responsive society in order to effect change. All sessions will be facilitated by licensed TN Professional School Counselors and Licensed School Social Workers throughout West TN.



Each day of the camp focuses on a specific research based topics designed to help children have improve their overall self-efficacy.

GO Beyond the Books with connect the dots

Each day during this three week camp, children will engage in age-appropriate activities with licensed professionals in an effort to begin using researched-based techniques and strategies which will nurture their ability to “connect the dots” in their respective worlds.


The program encourages a holistic approach to social and emotional learning:

Mindful Me Mondays

Children will learn mindfulness techniques; strategies to improve self-control; deep breathing, zones of regulation method

Tolerance Tuesdays

Helps children recognize and understand their emotions and strategies to self-regulate their thoughts, feelings and emotions

Wellness Wednesdays

Children will learn healthy habits which includes hygiene, mental health and wellness, and physical activity. Local chefs have agreed to volunteer their time to show students how to prepare quick, inexpensive, healthy snacks and some meals.

"Try it " Thursdays

“I can” statements. Motivating children to believe they can accomplish any obstacle if they try. Activities are customized to help children employ strategies that empower them to believe the impossible and overcome the insurmountable.

Freedom Fridays

Each Friday, we will have professional educators, community activists, corporate employees and college students volunteer their time in various extra curricular activities which includes but not limited to dance, theatre, music, visual arts, and sports. Children will be provided with an interest inventory at the beginning of the program to identify their primary interests. Each will have a choice to select activities they wish to learn more about.


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